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The blades are made by forge welding of carbon steel and are not stainless! Handles are made of natural materials such as wood, bones, horns, gems etc.

Therefore, it is very important to perform regular service of the entire knife (blade and handle) by applying a layer of olive oil. In this way a good appearance of your knife will be guaranteed in the future.


News - knife 70

News - knife 70 blade made of chain motorcycle damask pattern and explosions.lenght: 24cm.   

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News - knife 65

News - knife 65

2 types of damask explosions, polished from water buffalo horn, lenght: 27 cm, for sale.

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News - knife 59

News - knife 59 Mosaic damascus, various types of explosions, gemstone jasper, lenght: 26,5 cm.

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