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For sale

Knife 206 Pocket knife-Space runner


Blade - Damasteel Bifrost (stainless steel damask)
Bolsry - Meteorit Muonionalusta from Sweden
Handle - Stabilized spice cherry
Partition - Anodized Titan
Ball - stainless damask, black patina
Knife Body - Patinated stainless steel and clock decoration
Length of knife: open - 19.9cm
                 closed - 11.3cm


For sale  1090,-


Knife 203 Professional Chef knives


Stainless steel N690 in a 4 mm thick wedge.
The handles are stabilized rotten Alder and POM6.
Leather sleeping bag.


For sale  755,-


Knife 202 Bushcraft knife


Blade- Stainless steel N690, 58-59HRC
Handle- Root Cherry


For sale  300,-


Knife 195 Chef's knives Santoku

This type of knife we ​​can produce on demand.

Blade-Stainless steel N690(440C)
Handle-Stabilized Wood 


For sale. Begins at 220 ,- €



Knife 191

Blade - Damasteel Vinland.
Bolstry -Titan and Japanese motifs.
Handle - stabilized giraffe bone and Fibre.
Partition wall - Stainless and sign Bushido.
Ball - Stainless steel and zircon in brilliant cut.
Body - Stainless steel watch decorating.
Blade length - Closed: 11.3 cm
                     Open: 19.5 cm

For sale. 1250,- €


Knife 184

Blade-carbon steel hardened to Hamon (partial)
Patronage-Stabilized Wood
Handle-Stabilized Wood
ending - forged nails
The length of the knife-18.3 cm

For sale. 220,- €


Knife 182

 Stainless steel blade-N690 (440C) Hardness 59HRC
 Patronage-Stainless steel inserts used Pearl.
 Handle-stabilized tumor Ash.
 Partition- also stainless steel and pearl inserts.
 The bullet Zircon in a brilliant cut
 The length of the knife- Closed-11.7 cm
                                    Open-20 cm

For sale. 999,- €


Knife 181

Handle-stabilized tumor Alder, gemstone malachite with chrysocolla, fibrates and Alapaka.
End knives-Mammoth Tusk
Case-cowhide and leather from the water-snake Vietnam.
Blade length - 26 cm.

For sale. 960,- €


Knife 152

Blade - Damask feather.
Patronage - damask Kant
Handle - stabilized birch, mushroom coral, Alpaca, Fibre.
cap pin - Mammoth tusk.
Leather case, decorated.
Blade length - 26 cm.

For sale. 1060,- €


Knife 142 Sold Out

This type of knife we ​​can produce on demand.
Partially hardened carbon steel (Hamon)

For sale - 690,- Kč.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg  


Knife 141 Sold Out

This type of knife we ​​can produce on demand.
Partially hardened carbon steel (Hamon)

For sale  - 690,- Kč.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg  


Knife 140 New knives in stock!

The new model REDBACK (spider) Temporarily sold Out!!!

This type of knife we ​​can produce on demand.
Partially hardened carbon steel (Hamon)

Blade length 24.5 cm
12.2 cm length of the handpiece
thickness of 3.5 mm
Weight according wood used about 180-200 grams.

For sale - 125 - 210  €

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Knife 133

Blade: Torsion block mosaics in Damascus.
Patronage: Nickel Damascus.
handle: Wood ash Rygl with waves and central rib, Fibre.
cap pin: Horn of water buffalo.
blade length: 24.9 cm

For sale. 770 €


Knife 129

Blade: Damascus explosions.
Patronage: Nickel Damascus.
Hand: Torsion Damascus shaped handle made of polished exotic wood Cocobolo,
Cap pin: Nickel Damascus in combination with giraffe bones, decorated Scrimshav - horse head.
Blade length: 26.7 cm

For sale. 800 €


Knife 97

Hand forged carbon steel blade.
Blade hardened to Hamon.
Handle of deer antler, decorated end scrimshaw technique.
Blade length - 28 cm

For sale: 5000,- Kč.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg  


Knife 91

The blade is made from damask pattern explosions.
Handle torsion damask, polished exotic Bubinga wood,
End of Mokume gane ornament.
Blade length: 18.6 cm open, closed 10.8 cm

for Sale: 16 000,- Kč

5.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg


News - knife 70

News - knife 70 blade made of chain motorcycle damask pattern and explosions.lenght: 24cm.   

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News - knife 65

News - knife 65

2 types of damask explosions, polished from water buffalo horn, lenght: 27 cm, for sale.

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News - knife 59

News - knife 59 Mosaic damascus, various types of explosions, gemstone jasper, lenght: 26,5 cm.

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