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At the outset we would like to introduce our new products:


Me and my brother work with knives professionally since 2002. We produce both fixed blade and folding blade with liner lock. We make mosaic damascus of our own production using carbon and powder steel. Handles are made of natural materials such as local and exotic woods, horns, bones, mamoth tusks/molars, gemstones etc.
Custom knives are made based on the suggestions and demands of customers or if agreed we use our own imagination. In several past years we attended various knife exhibitions in Czech republic and abroad. Our knives are signed with japanese characters TANUKI.

We also pursue manufacturing of handmade replicas of japanese swords by conventional technology of steel folding and employing the HON SANMAI GITAE design.
Each blade has a unique pattern of HAMON as a result of quenching and is signed with japanese characters TANUKI. 
Consequent blade polishing is finalized on original stones from Japan.
For the sword set (KOSHIRAE) we use traditional materials; ray skin, cotton wrap, water buffalo horn, copper and folded iron.
We produce fighting swords but also blunt edged training swords for IAIDO, alternatively sharp swords for TAMESHIGIRI cutting technique.
We always respect the wishes and needs of the customers when a sword is being made.
In 2008 we became part of NAGOMI school and YASO association which is a great honor for us. Both organizations have been active in martial arts for 25 years.



News - knife 70

News - knife 70 blade made of chain motorcycle damask pattern and explosions.lenght: 24cm.   

link »

News - knife 65

News - knife 65

2 types of damask explosions, polished from water buffalo horn, lenght: 27 cm, for sale.

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News - knife 59

News - knife 59 Mosaic damascus, various types of explosions, gemstone jasper, lenght: 26,5 cm.

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